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About Gigee

A group of imaginative folks wanted to bring performers closer to their audience, and bring their entire audience together at once, to change the way we view live events.

They believed in the cause of authentic creativity and influence, and sought to make it happen for artists both large and small, with Gigee.

Gigee provides an easy-to-use online broadcasting platform that instantly elevates any performance to a live, global stage.

What Gigee Does for You

Gigee allows artists and instructors to sell tickets to live, online events by providing broadcasting technology, built-in ticketing, payment processing, and promotional tools. Best yet, Gigee puts artists in control of their earning potential by providing an easy-to-use platform to reach fans more often, from anywhere, at any time.

What Artists Bring to a Gigee Event

Artists can make any event a global stage by using a setup as simple as a webcam and a mic. Yet Gigee is flexible enough to use with elaborate productions, too.

Artists simply schedule their event, set a ticket price, determine the minimum number of tickets to be sold, and promote the event to their fans using Facebook and Twitter. They can also charge for a special Q&A session after the event. Artists earn 80% of total ticket sales and funds are available as soon as the show has ended.

Gigee – on Its Own or Combined with an Existing Gig

Whether you're a solo performer who wants to reach friends, family and fans around the world, or a major act putting on your next big concert – however elaborate your production may be – use Gigee in combination with your next show to make it a live, global event.

And your fans? They’ll always have the best seat in the house!

Do you operate a live music Venue? Add Gigee!

Give fans around the world access to the live shows at your venue and tap into the advantages of live streaming ticketed events. Boost revenue and become a destination location for artists wanting to broadcast their live gigs to fans wherever they are. We have experts with years of production and systems integration experience able to assist your venue with the technical details for streaming high quality live events. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Meet the Minds Behind Gigee

David Boone, Founder & Creative Director

David has been writing songs and touring for over 15 years. His time as an active professional musician and family man has greatly influenced his view of the current state of the music industry and how artists are affected. David’s mission is to empower artists with modern tools to connect with their fans around the world.

Danton Supple, UK Outreach Director

Danton is a Producer/Mixer at Definition Arts in London and Gigee’s UK Director. You’ve heard his work as an engineer, mixer and producer on albums from: Amy MacDonald, Soulsavers, Coldplay, Ian Brown, Oceansize, Starsailor, Lucie Silvas, The Devlins, Kylie Minogue, Electric Soft Parade, Hudson Taylor and The Doves.

Craig McNinch, Coding & User Experience Guru

Sometimes called a "miracle worker" for his creative use of a little luck and a lot of duct tape, Craig prefers to analyse and design simple solutions for technical problems.

James Wasem, Co-Founder & Operations Director

Dissatisfied with conventional toddler pastimes, James found that inserting fingers in a light socket was the surefire way to maintain lively qi. He's been absorbed in shocking technology ever since.

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