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High quality videos and tutorials from our experts on sound equipment, software, and more. Plus, get the best sound and video merchandise with our currated Tech Bundles!

Discover the Basics of Gigee

You’ve worked hard to perfect your craft. Let us make it easy for your audience to experience the best quality you have to offer.

Although the minimum requirements for live streaming your event may be as easy as using your computer's built-in webcam and microphone You don't have to stop there... get as elaborate as you want.

The sky's the limit. It's your show!

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*Gigee Recommended*
Basic $109.00 Intermediate $187.12 Advanced $488.88 Professional $4,449.98
Microsoft Lifecam ($39.99) Logitech C920 Pro … ($71.99) Logitech Conference … ($289.99) Vaddio PTZ Camera ($3,999.99)
Samson MeteorMic ($69.99) BlueMic Yeti        ($107.13) Allen & Heath ZED-1 … ($249.00) Yamaha MG166CXUS … ($499.99)

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Broadcasting an Event

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  • Basic setup will be a webcam and your computer's built-in microphone.
  • Although a webcam may work well for video, you will probably want to upgrade to a broadcast quality microphone.
  • A high quality web camera may provide better results for auto-focus and motion capture.
  • Advanced setups may included multiple cameras and microphones run through appropriate signal processing hardware (camera switchers, audio mixers, effects processing, etc…)
  • We highly recommend using an external microphone. A good USB mic works well for individuals or small groups. Consider using multiple mics and an audio mixer for more control and flexibility.
  • Check out our Gigee Gear for some hardware recommendations.
  • If you are using multiple cameras or certain HD cameras, you may need to use additional streaming software instead of using the built-in Gigee broadcasting interface. You can use free software like Adobe Flash Media Live, advanced software like Telestream Wirecast, or other video production/streaming software utilities. You can also use pro-level gear like Newtek Tricaster or streaming encoders like Teradek VidiU. We've got links to some great gear here.
  • Log into your Gigee account, go to your event page, select "Broadcast Manager", then press "Start Broadcast".
  • Do a test broadcast by logging into your account and selecting "soundcheck" from your dashboard options or visit the soundcheck page here .
  • Visit our community forum for more detailed information.
  • Using a broadcast quality microphone will greatly enhance the sound quality of your event.
  • You may wish to use a good quality USB microphone that plugs into your computer without any additional hardware required.
  • Microphone placement will be crucial to capturing the right sound for your event. If you are not familiar with microphone placement techniques, you will need to experiment by placing the microphone in different places and monitoring the sound through headphones on your computer in order to achieve a consistent sound that sounds right to you. (Note: Some USB microphones include a headphone output on the mic, making the monitoring process very convenient.)
  • If you have a lot of dynamics in your sound (intensity of performance or significant volume differences), you will want to take that into consideration when placing your microphone(s). Loud bursts of acoustic energy may cause the microphone to clip or distort. Your audience may not appreciate this!
  • Using a very good room mic and testing the mic placement is one place to start.
  • The best way to get good sound from multiple instruments and vocalists is to use an audio mixer with multiple microphone channels. You may wish to plug in guitars, vocal mics, drum mics, and other instrument inputs, then mix them so that a stereo output is sent to your computer. Most computer microphone/line inputs are designed to accept a stereo (left/right) input from a mixer. Some digital audio mixers include a USB or Firewire output that can be plugged into your computer.
  • When using a mixer and multiple microphones, you may wish to have someone operate the mixing console while you are performing. This will allow them to monitor all levels coming into and going out of the console. The operator can make adjustments during your event to ensure that the audience is hearing what you want them to.
  • Check your internet connection and speed. Use our fancy sound check and speed test utility here). Your internet upload speed is very important when broadcasting. An upload speed of 1.5Mbps or higher is recommended for high quality events. You should broadcast on “medium” quality if you have an upload speed between 700 Kbps and 1.5 Mbps. (Find out more recommendations by doing a soundcheck here)
  • A hardwired network connection is recommended for the most consistent speed and quality.
  • Try changing your steaming quality and resolution to a lower rate (switch from “high” to “medium” or "low"). This may not have a major impact in how the event looks, but it may make a big difference in your streaming upload consistency.
  • Make sure your computer is capable of processing the live streaming software and hardware requirements. Most current dual core processors w/ 2Gb of RAM should be able to manage this functionality. 4Gb of RAM and a fast processor speed (2.2GHz or higher) is recommended. Example: Apple MacBook or Dell Inspiron laptop PC.
  • Shut down any software or programs not required for broadcasting your streaming event. This will free up your computer's processing and memory resources to handle the dedicated streaming functions.
  • If your event goal is met and you do a successful event, you’ll get paid 80% of the total event proceeds within 2-5 business days. This time may vary slightly depending on financial institution payment processing standards.
  • We process all payments with PayPal, so you will need to have a valid PayPal account to receive funds from your Gigee event.
  • You are personally responsible for reporting any and all income on the appropriate local and federal tax forms.
  • Free tickets that you give away as guest passes or VIP passes do not count towards the tickets sold amount, as these are "free".
  • Gigee uses PayPal for all payment processing. The PayPal account you use should be verified and in good standing with PayPal, and according to their terms of service.
  • Please check with your banking institution’s policies to confirm their compatibility with PayPal and your PayPal account.
  • Try signing into your Gigee account, then click or paste the following link into your browser: Follow the instructions on the page.
  • Please check our payment processing and Terms of Service details.
  • Like most things at Gigee, we keep it simple! If you have 100 tickets sold for $10 each, that’s $1,000. You make $800! It’s an easy calculation (tickets sold x ticket price = total event proceeds. Broadcaster revenue = 80% x total event proceeds.)
  • Free tickets that you give away as guest passes or VIP passes do not count towards the tickets sold amount, as these are "free".
  • The event page draws data from several areas, including your artist profile.
  • Please check your personal profile page and verify that all details are correct and up to date.
  • If you have items in the Gigee Merchant Store, be sure you have everything listed properly and that it shows up properly on the event page.
  • If you continue to have problems, feel free to email Gigee Support.
  • Our About page has a great explanation of this!
  • We make things easy! Everything from the account creation, event creation, social media integration, merchant store hosting, and high-tech live streaming service integration is all simplified and easy to use.
  • We don’t have any complicated ticket charges or “token” systems. No complex payout schedules or varied commission rates.
  • As a broadcaster, you can easily set up an event, sell tickets for your event, and get paid.
  • The “ticketed event” concept easy to understand – for the broadcaster and the viewer.
  • You don’t have to buy a subscription to use Gigee. And there are no hidden fees.
  • You don’t have to beg for tips or donations; simply sell tickets.
  • Yes! Doing a live Gigee event is a great way to raise money for your cause, and it provides a way for your audience to connect with you wherever they happen to be. You don’t need to have all your donors be in the same city to have a successful and interactive fundraiser.
  • Simply create events using the standard Event Creation Wizard.
  • When your event is finished, you will receive a full 80% of the ticket proceeds via your linked PayPal account.
  • NOTE: Gigee does not authenticate your official status as a non-profit organization (501c3, etc…). You will need to provide any receipts to your donors separately. You have access to view all event ticket purchasers in your event management dashboard.
  • There are two options for you to provide complimentary/free tickets to your event attendees: guest passes and VIP passes.
  • You are allowed to give away up to 5% of your ticket goal in guest passes and an additional 5% of your ticket goal in VIP passes.
  • These free tickets are not counted towards your total collected/sold ticket amount.
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Intermediate AV bundle

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Advanced AV bundle

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Professional AV bundle

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Broadcasting Questions?

Broadcasting your event can be as easy as using your built-in camera and microphone. For a higher quality viewer experience, we recommend adding a webcam or upgraded audio mic to your setup.

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Gigee Tech Bundles

Setting Up Efficient Sound for Ska Acoustics

By James Wasem

Setting Up Efficient Sound for Ska Acoustics

By James Wasem

Gigee Recommended Hardware

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