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What Gigee Can Do for You

Gigee is the new online platform where artists and fans connect in real-time, during live ticketed performances.
As an artist, you can now monetize your creativity and reach the support of all of your fans, wherever they are, by broadcasting live online concerts and events from anywhere.

Now artists and fans can connect during live events like never before, and Gigee makes it possible.

Who is Gigee for?

Gigee is for anyone who would like to share their talent or expertise with a live, online audience and make 80% of all tickets sold. Musicians, poets, dancers, instructors and ALL artists – known and soon to be discovered.

Perform live online, at any time, from anywhere you can get a solid internet connection. Your practice space. Your backyard. The beach.

Gig already booked? Use Gigee in combination with your next live show to make it a global event.

Bringing the Artist & Fan together like never before

Artists are now able to offer exclusive performances and reach their fans everywhere through live, ticketed events.

Fans can support their favorite artists and be included in rare, up-close performances.

Learn the Basics of Gigee

How do I Start Broadcasting?

Broadcasting your event can be as easy as using your computer's built-in camera and microphone. For a higher quality viewer experience, we recommend adding a webcam or upgraded audio mic to your setup.

We've got some great gear recommendations here. And check out the Tech Center for more details on how to make your broadcast a success!

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